Considering Divorce but Want God's Opinion First?

Have you been considering divorce for a while but been paralyzed with fear and indecision?

Or, have you been through a divorce but have since been feeling lost and purposeless.

Have you found yourself desperate to hear God on the subject of divorce but don't want judgment, fear, or condemnation?

Trust me I know EXACTLY how you feel!

My name is Amanda Nicole and I'm a Faith-Based Life & Divorce Coach, and the owner of the Freedom Through Divorce online school.

There I was, a Christian woman in a toxic emotionally abusive marriage. I had looked into divorce but any information I found on the subject scared me into staying in my marriage. After 3 more years of pain, misery, and feeling like the marriage was literally sucking the life out of me, I decided to look into it again. But this time, I decided to go straight to the source. How better to understand God’s view on divorce than to ask Him himself? 

I quickly learned that His views on divorce were different than what I thought. Gone were the judgment, condemnation, and scare tactics designed to keep women stuck in cycles of various kinds of abuse. It wasn’t long before I was able to experience Freedom Through Divorce. 

  • Imagine finally getting clarity and being able to make a decision on whether or not to divorce.
  • What if you could understand marriage and divorce in a way that is tangible and applicable to your situation?
  • Imagine having the freedom to explore God's views on marriage in a way that allows you to hear Him for yourself?


Authorized Divorce: When God Object's to Your Union. This online course is designed to give you the same freeing information that I received and to arm you with the truth that can set you free. Experience Transformation through 8 lessons of video instruction that will take you step-by-step on a journey through the bible and the heart of God on the subject of marriage and divorce. Plus bible studies, prophetic prayers, and additional resources all designed to give you a crash course on marriage, divorce, and God's true heart on both. Spoiler's not at all what you've been taught!

What You'll Learn in This Course

  • 01

    Introduction/Course Housekeeping

    • What You Will Learn in this Course

    • Introduction/Course Housekeeping

    • Watch the Promo Video

  • 02

    Selecting the Participants, the Officiant, and Seeking the Kingdom First

    • Module 1 Lesson: Selecting the Participants, the Officiant, and Seeking the Kingdom First

    • Module 1 Bible Study: 1 Peter 2:18-25, 1 Peter 3:1-4

    • Lifting Up the Rug

    • Resource - Qualifying For Your Inheritence | Dr. Cindy Trimm

  • 03

    When Divorce is Required

    • Module 2 Lesson: When Divorce is Required

    • Module 2 Bible Study: 1 Corinthians 6:12-20, 7:1-17

    • In God's Will

    • Resource - Divine Alignment | Dr. Cindy Trimm

  • 04

    Hindsight; My Story

    • Module 3 Lesson: Hindsight; My Story

    • Module 3 Bible Study: Isaiah 41:8-13

    • Hindsight

    • Resource - Ascend Into New Realms of Power | Dr. Cindy Trimm

  • 05

    Where’d You Learn All of This?

    • Module 4 Lesson: Where’d You Learn All of This?

    • Module 4 Bible Study: Matthew 25:31-32

    • Learning From God

    • Resource - Understanding Spiritual Authority | Dr. Cindy Trimm

  • 06

    Contrasting the Two

    • Module 5 Lesson: Contrasting the Two

    • The Comparison

    • Module 5 Prophetic Prayer: The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

    • Resource - Keys to Heaven's Economy | Shawn Bolz

  • 07

    Learning to Recognize the Counterfeit

    • Module 6 Lesson: Learning to Recognize the Counterfeit

    • What Do You Hate?

    • Resource - Crushing: God Turns Pressure Into Power | Bishop T.D. Jakes

  • 08

    The Responsibility of Children

    • Module 7 Lesson: The Responsibility of Children

    • Module 7 Prophetic Word: A Word for your Children

    • Parenting Goals

    • Resource - How to Build Your Vision from the Ground Up | Bishop T.D. Jakes

  • 09

    Healing After Divorce

    • Module 8 Lesson: Healing After Divorce

    • Resource - Boundaries | Dr. Henry Cloud

  • 10

    Next Steps/Conclusion

    • Course Feedback Survey

    • Next Steps

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God doesn't want His people settling when it comes to marriage

Amanda Nicole

Course Instructor

"Christian women are staying in toxic, abusive, and life draining marriages. Or, they are divorcing and then staying stuck never thriving, or becoming the amazing women that God created them to be. I’m not prepared to continue to sit back and let this happen another moment. I've dedicated this online school to providing faith-based freedom inducing aid through education exclusively for Divorced or Divorcing Christian Moms. My mission is to help women experience freedom through their divorce."
Amanda Nicole (Faith-Based Support Life Coach)